Saeed Moghadam Saman

People and Networks

RUNIN research:

Saeed will investigate external collaboration and mobility as learning opportunities in PhD education.

Host institution

Universitetet i Stavanger

Secondment institution

Linköpings universitet

Supervisory team

Working papers

RUNIN WP 08/2019 - Eloïse Germain-Alamartine, Rhoda Ahoba-Sam, Saeed Moghadam-Saman & Gerwin Evers

Doctorate Holders’ Transition to Industry: Networks as a Mechanism? Cases from Norway, Sweden and the UK

Keywords: Doctorate holders, University-industry networks, Non-academic career, Overlapping internal labour markets

DOI: 10.3990/4.2535-5686.2019.08

RUNIN WP 05/2019 - Saeed Moghadam-Saman

How do mechanisms’ ‘tendency’ within critical realism influence our understanding of structure-agency relations?

Keywords: Critical Realism, Causality, Structure, Agency, Tendency

DOI: 10.3990/4.2535-5686.2019.05

RUNIN WP 05/2018 Utku Ali Rıza Alpaydın, Kwadwo Atta-Owusu, Saeed Moghadam-Saman

The Role of Universities in Innovation and Regional Development: The Case of Rogaland Region

Keywords: Role of universities, Regional development, Innovation, Rogaland, University of Stavanger.

DOI: 10.3990/4.2535-5686.2018.05

Journal articles

Germain-Alamartine, Eloïse; Ahoba-Sam, Rhoda; Moghadam-Saman, Saeed & Evers, Gerwin (2020). Doctoral graduates’ transition to industry: networks as a mechanism? Cases from Norway, Sweden and the UK

Studies in Higher Education, 1-16.

Keywords: Doctorate holders, PhD graduates, doctoral education, university–industry networks, non-academic career, overlapping internal labour markets


Germain-Alamartine, Eloïse & Moghadam-Saman, Saeed (2019). Aligning doctoral education with local industrial employers’ needs: a comparative case study.

European Planning Studies

Keywords: Doctoral education, science and technology parks, university–industry collaboration, generic skills, transferable skills

DOI: 10.1080/09654313.2019.1637401

Moghadam-Saman, Saeed (2019). Collaboration of Doctoral Researchers with Industry: A Critical Realist Theorization.

Industry and Higher Education.

Keywords: Collaboration with industry, critical realism, doctoral researchers, external engagement, transferable skills

DOI: 10.1177/0950422219865098


MSc. in Industrial Management with specialization in Logistics from University of Borås, Sweden. BSc. in Industrial Engineering with specialization in Systems Analaysis and Planning from Azad University, Tehran, Iran. Former researcher at the Centre for Innovation Studies, University of Economics and Management, Prague, The Czech Republic. Further work experience as consultant industrial engineer (feasibility studies and quality management systems) and seaborn logistics intern (in Iran).

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