David Fernández Guerrero

Places and Territories

RUNIN research:

David will study the drivers and processes behind university-industry collaboration, in metropolitan and peripheral regions

Host institution

Aalborg University

Secondment institution

Universidade de Aveiro

Supervisory team

Journal articles

Fernández Guerrero, David (2020). Industry–university collaboration in rural and metropolitan regions: What is the role of graduate employment and external non-university knowledge?

Journal of Rural Studies

Keywords: Industry–university interaction; Open innovation; Peripheral regions; Regional imbalances

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jrurstud.2020.03.007

Working papers

RUNIN WP 03/2020 David Fernández Guerrero

Bridging the Gap between Firms and Universities: Firm Links with Research and Technology Organisations in Different Types of Regions

Keywords: Industry-University Collaboration; Research and Technology Organisations; Peripheral Regions; Non-Metropolitan University Regions; Metropolitan Regions

DOI: DOI: 10.3990/4.2535-5686.2020.03

RUNIN WP 03/2018 David Fernández Guerrero & Gerwin Evers

Co-creation of Localised Capabilities between Universities and Nascent Industries: The Case of Aalborg University and the North Denmark Region

Keywords: Universities, Innovation, Industry, Aalborg, Denmark.

DOI: 10.3990/4.2535-5686.2018.03


M.Sc. in Sociology, specialisation in Comparative Organisation and Labour Studies from the University of Amsterdam, graduated cum laude (Master thesis, prized by the Dutch Sociological Association: Do Spanish firms support initial vocational training? An analysis of firm strategies over vocational training in non-coordinated institutional frameworks). Master in Journalism from the Escuela de Periodismo UAM-El País (Madrid, Spain). Work experience as a freelance journalist for the newspapers El País and Bez.es.

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