Maria Salomaa

Policies and Interventions

RUNIN research:

Maria’s research project will examine how universities engage with regional development policies through participation in Structural Funds programmes. Universities and other regional institutions form partnerships to compete for external funding, thus contributing to the formation of university-business and/or university-public sector networks, but interestingly the universities’ role and motivation to take part in the such consortiums have not been largely examined – even though higher education institutions are one of the key organisations delivering projects. Universities roles, profiles and partnerships in these projects may vary dramatically based on their organizational features, location and history, which is why it is important to examine their participation on an organisation level. The aim of selected case studies is to explore how the SF projects are embedded in universities’ education and research missions: Is the participation merely an opportunistic way to diversify the funding base with “add-ons” to raise university’s regional profile? Or are the SF project portfolios strategically planned, entrepreneurial activity that truly benefits the local economy while successfully combined with higher education’s traditional missions?

Host institution

University of Lincoln

Secondment institution

Universidade de Aveiro
Universiteit Twente

Supervisory team

Journal Articles

Salomaa, Maria (2019). Third mission and regional context: assessing universities’ entrepreneurial architecture in rural regions.

Regional Studies, Regional Science, 6:1, 233-249.

Keywords: entrepreneurial architecture framework, third mission, entrepreneurial university, rural region

DOI: 10.1080/21681376.2019.1586574

Nieth, Lisa; Benneworth, Paul; Charles, David; Fonseca, Liliana; Rodrigues, Carlos; Salomaa, Maria & Stienstra, Martin (2018). Embedding entrepreneurial regional innovation ecosystems: Reflecting on the role of effectual entrepreneurial discovery processes.

European Planning Studies, 26:11, 2147-2166.

Keywords: entrepreneurial discovery, agency activation, partnerships, causal and effectual approaches

DOI: 10.1080/09654313.2018.1530144

Book Chapters

Fonseca, Liliana & Salomaa, Maria (2019). Entrepreneurial Universities and Regional Innovation: Matching Smart Specialisation Strategies to Regional Needs?

In A. D. Daniel, A. Teixeira & M. Torres Preto (Eds.), Examining the Role of Entrepreneurial Universities in Regional Development, pp. 260-285. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

DOI: DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-0174-0.ch014

Working Papers

RUNIN WP 07/2019 - Maria Salomaa and David Charles

The university third mission and the European Structural Funds in peripheral regions: Insights from Finland

Keywords: Structural Funds, entrepreneurial university, third mission, regional development, University Consortia

DOI: 10.3990/4.2535-5686.2019.07

RUNIN WP 03/2019 - Liliana Fonseca and Maria Salomaa

Entrepreneurial universities and regional innovation: matching smart specialisation strategies to regional needs?

Keywords: Structural Funds, University of Aveiro, Less-Developed Region, Public Policy, Higher Education, RIS3, Portugal, Centro, Policy Process

DOI: 10.3990/4.2535-5686.2019.03

RUNIN WP 14/2018 Maria Salomaa

Entrepreneurial Architecture in Rural Universities: The Case of Lincoln

Keywords: Entrepreneurial Architecture Framework, Third Mission, Rural University, Entrepreneurial University.

DOI: 10.3990/4.2535-5686.2018.14

RUNIN WP 06/ 2018 Lisa Nieth, Paul Benneworth, David Charles, Liliana Fonseca, Carlos Rodrigues, Maria Salomaa, & Martin Stienstra

Embedding entrepreneurial regional innovation ecosystems: Reflecting on the role of effectual entrepreneurial discovery processes

Keywords: entrepreneurial discovery, agency activation, partnerships, causal and effectual approaches

DOI: 10.3990/4.2535-5686.2018.06

RUNIN WP 04/2018 Rhoda Ahoba-Sam, Maria Salomaa & David Charles

On overcoming the barriers to regional engagement: Reflections from the University of Lincoln

Keywords: Universities, Innovation, Regional Development, Lincoln, United Kingdom.

DOI: 10.3990/4.2535-5686.2018.04


Maria holds a Masters degree in Administrative Science, study programme in Administration and Management of Higher Education (University of Tampere 2017). Her thesis focused on universities third mission in national higher education policies and selected case universities’ strategies. She also has BA and MA degrees in Theatre and Drama Research both from University of Tampere. As a part of her studies, she was an exchange student in Universite Charles-de-Gaulle Lille III (France) in 2006-2007 and she also did an internship at Makerere University (Uganda) in 2013.

Maria has previously worked in project management at University of Technology’s Research services, where she mainly focused on FP7 and H2020 projects (2015-2017), and at University of Tampere with national and international R&D projects in the field of culture (2007-2015).

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