The Supervisory Board will decide on the overall training policy of the programme. It comprises the
scientist-in-charge from each of the beneficiaries in the RUNIN network, along with a representative of ECIU, four
representatives of partner non-academic organisations, a representative from the ESRs and two external scientific advisors. The board is chaired by the project leader.

The Supervisory Board meet formally on five occasions throughout the project period, timed
to coincide with RUNIN Training Weeks and RUNIN Workshops.

The supervisory board will:
  • Ensure the quality of training through review of all training and individual research projects, and
    monitoring of achievements and outputs
  • Ensure that training meets the needs of researchers and potential employers
  • Oversee the communications strategy of the network and ensure that results are widely publicised
  • Disseminate best practice through a variety of forums and encourage the participation of additional
    researchers in network events.

The supervisory board will be supported by three specialist committees with particular responsibilities for
certain key areas within the programme: The Equal Opportunities Standing Group, the Communication and Public
Engagement Standing Group and the ECIU Working Group on Regional Innovation.