This year, like last year, the RUNIN project was represented at the Regional Innovation Policies Conference. The 13th RIP conference was held on October 11th – 12th at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in Bergen, Norway, where ESRs and supervisors presented their research under a clear sky (who could have believed that?).

On Thursday morning, ESRs Saeed Moghadam-Saman and Eloïse Germain-Alamartine opened the first parallel session dedicated to “Proximities, agglomerations and networks”. They presented their comparative study of two University-Science Park relations, used to explore the adaptation of doctoral education to the needs of the non-academic regional labour market. On Thursday afternoon, in the parallel session on “R&D, knowledge and universities in regional development”, ESR Gerwin Evers followed with the presentation of his quantitative analysis of the link between firms’ hiring of university graduates in Denmark and university-industry collaborations. RUNIN supervisors Christian Østergaard and Rune Dahl Fitjar were also attending, to disseminate co-authored studies conducted outside RUNIN.

What can also be highlighted from this conference – in addition to the only day of sunny weather in Bergen of the autumn so far – is the plenary session dedicated to the presentation of the book published in honour of Bjørn Asheim and his strongly influential work in regional studies: New Avenues for Regional Innovation Systems – Theoretical Advances, Empirical Cases and Policy Lessons, edited by A. Isaksen, R. Martin and M. Trippl and published by Springer. This book gathers chapters written by Bjørn Asheim’s former PhD students and co-authors. In particular, Rune Dahl Fitjar wrote a chapter with Bram Timmermans on labour mobility in Norwegian regions, using concepts developed by Bjørn himself such as knowledge bases.